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Chemistry lecture slides

This page has links to some recent lecture slides for my Chemistry modules. They are from academic years 2013/14 and 2014/15, but there have been no substantial changes to the slides since then. If you are interested in Forensic Science, I teach Arson and Ballistics, so let me know if you would like me to put these slides up.

Autumn Semester 2014/15

(i) CHE-30042 (Inorganic, Physical and Solid State Chemistry)

5 lectures on Advanced Quantum Chemistry

che-30042 QC lecture 1

che-30042 QC lecture 2

che-30042 QC lecture 3

che-30042 QC lecture 4

che-30042 QC lecture 5

(ii) CHE-30043 (Materials Chemistry and Catalysis)

 5 lectures on Solid State Chemistry

che-30043 SSC lecture 1

che-30043 SSC lecture 2

che-30043 SSC lecture 3

che-30043 SSC lecture 4

che-30043 SSC lecture 5

Spring Semester 2013/14

(i) CHE-20031 (Structural and Inorganic Chemistry)

3 lectures on X-ray diffraction

che-20031 RAJ lecture 1

che-20031 RAJ lecture 2

che-20031 RAJ lecture 3

(ii) CHE-20028 (Physical Inorganic Chemistry)

3 lectures on Quantum Chemistry

che-20028 QC lecture 1

che-20028 QC lecture 2

che-20028 QC lecture 3

3 lectures on Statistical Thermodynamics

RAJ STAT THERM lecture 1

RAJ STAT THERM lecture 2

RAJ STAT THERM lecture 3